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As well as Printed Bunting we also produce Handwavers and Handwaving flags. These are available in 3 sizes and are perfect for all promotions and events.
Our bunting sales team all have over 10 years experience in the promotion and event sector and can give invaluable advice on all projects... Pls call us on 01604 790762 for info, advice or price.
Bunting artwork specification image


Artwork Guide- How to supply and send

All artwork must be setup at the correct size and shape for your project.

Set colour modes to CMYK (not RGB) and also ensure that any bitmap images within your artwork are CMYK, not RGB.

Remove keylines and unwanted items

Always supply a low resolution PDF of your artwork as a digital preview.

If colour is critical, a full colour proof (or other printed matter) is required for matching.

Any Pantone colours should be referenced using Pantone coated colour guides.

Supply all graphic files used in the final artwork (e.g. TIF images), and at the highest resolution possible. Anything less than 300dpi will give a low quality result.

Include all fonts, or if unavailable, convert type to outlines

We prefer our bunting and flag artwork to be in one of the following formatts

Press quality PDF, Illustrator EPS or similar, Photoshop Tiff or Hi Res .jpg

Please talk to our studio or our sales team for further information and advice

CALL US ON 01604 790762