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As well as Printed Bunting we also produce Handwavers and Handwaving flags. These are available in 3 sizes and are perfect for all promotions and events.
Our bunting sales team all have over 10 years experience in the promotion and event sector and can give invaluable advice on all projects... Pls call us on 01604 790762 for info, advice or price.
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Choose Party bunting, it's a fantastic and fun way to liven up any venue.

We can supply party packs of coloured bunting made from coloured pvc, which means it is good to use outdoors as well as inside.

Choose from

red,white and blue bunting

Yellow and Blue Bunting

Pink and white Bunting

Black and White Bunting

in fact we can supply the bunting in whatever colour combination you require as long as the colour is available in our stock.

Or if you want to make a bigger impact, why not get bespoke party bunting produce with maybe a name or face included in the design.

We can supply paper flags to compliment the bunting if you wish.


CALL US ON 01604 790762 for help with party bunting orders or advice